The UDID serves as a comprehensive identification document for Individuals with Disabilities, containing essential information such as personal details, type of disability, and other relevant data. It acts as proof of disability and enables individuals to access a range of government schemes, benefits, and facilities specifically designed for Persons with Disabilities.

As a registered organization, Giftabled plays a role in assisting individuals with the enrollment process for obtaining their Unique Disability ID (UDID). Giftabled is dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and aims to simplify the UDID enrollment procedure for them.

UDID Details & Benefits

The UDID project initiated by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities aims at building a holistic end-to-end integrated system for Issuance of Universal ID & Disability Certificates for Person with Disabilities with their identification and disability details. It includes -

  1. Online availability of data of Person with Disabilities across country through a centralized web application
  2. Online filing and submission of registration application form for disability certificate/ Universal ID card; Offline applications may also be accepted and subsequently digitized by agencies
  3. Quick Assessment process for calculating the percentage of disability by the hospitals/ Medical Board
  4. Non-duplication of PwDs data
  5. Online renewal and update of information by Person with Disabilities/ on their behalf
  6. MIS reporting framework
  7. Effective management including interoperability of the benefits / schemes launched by the Government for PwD
  8. To take care of additional disabilities in future. Number of disabilities at the moment is seven and shall be subject to increase as per the new Act/ notification.


Given below is the brief description of the workflow involved in the card generation process along with the key users who shall use the application:

  1. PwDs are required to register with the UDID portal. Once registered, after the login is complete, they will be able to apply online for Disability Certificate and UDID card. They will also be able to track the status of their application. They can put forward their request for renewal of Disability Certificate/UDID Card and also request for another card in case of loss of their UDID Card. They can also download and print the copy of their respective Disability Certificate/UDID Card. One of the unique features shall be the ability to locate their CMO Office/Medical Authority for assessment of disability, District Welfare Officer to receive assistance and to know about the various schemes for Persons with Disabilities. They will also be able to view latest news/announcements pertaining to disabilities.
  2. Disability Certificate Issuing Authorities (CMO Office/Medical Authority) will use this application to record the details of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and issue Disability Certificate/UDID Card electronically. Application from the PwD will be received by the CMO Office/Medical Authority. After necessary verification, the PwDs will be referred to designated Specialist/Medical board for disability assessment and once the assessment is over, the assessment details are submitted and Disability Certificate/UDID Card will be issued electronically. Automating Disability Certificate/UDID Card issue process will significantly reduce the time and timely delivery of the Disability Certificate/UDID Card assured.
  3. District Welfare Officer/District Social Welfare Officers shall use the UDID portal for facilitating PwDs in getting Disability Certificate/UDID Card by means of providing application receiving counter, facilitating in Camps. The web portal would also facilitate smooth implementation of schemes meant for PwDs.
  4. District Collectors will use this application to monitor implementation of the UDID project and its effectiveness. They will use of some of the basic reports/summaries generated from UDID portal.

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