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Svastya is a health initiative by GiftAbled,
Accelerating access to quality health care for People with Disabilities!

Our aim is reach out to 1 million People with Disabilities by 2025.



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Every child is unique and so is their development!! Explore our milestone tracker to understand your child's age appropriate development.

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Stories of Change

He could only manage to sit when he was around 2 years old and he started crawling only by the age of 3. He could not talk, sit or walk” his mother, Asma said.He was given a Rollator which helped him learn how to walk. After rigorous therapies and practice, she is very happy to watch her son at 5 years of age being able to walk!

Meet Megha, from Devadurga. “It was very difficult for me to watch my daughter not being able to sit or stand when she needed to, but right now I see her trying to stand with the help of the standing frame we got .” Basavaraj, her father said.She is trying to stand and sit sometimes without the support and she goes for therapies regularly.

Basavaraj lives in Mundarage, a village near Koppal. “He was 4 years old when we the doctor told us that he had developmental delay.” Today, at 8 years of age, he is able to walk. “It is because of the aid, and therapy sessions that I see my son being able to walk. I am happy” Sabamma said.

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We offer high quality therapies through our telerehabilitation program including 2-way real-time visits with audio, video, or both; asynchronous e-visits, virtual check-ins, emote evaluations of recorded videos or images, and telephone assessment and management services.

Home based services 

We offer home based therapy sessions to children and people and our highly qualified staff have been vaccinated and will visit you at the comfort of your home and help you recuperate. You can be guaranteed of safe and personal care and our sessions will enable caregiver to get a better understanding of your treatment and support in living a enhanced quality of life.

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