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Peers Group Training

During the training sessions, the children had the opportunity to interact with children with special needs (Cwsn stands for “Children with Special Needs”). This interaction helped them develop communication skills and establish friendships with their peers who have different abilities.
This environment allowed children to learn collectively and understand the importance of teamwork.
The training included teaching the children about color theory, specifically how to create secondary colors from primary colors. This added an educational aspect to the activities, enhancing the children’s understanding of colors.

instructor teaching sign language


instructor teaching sign language

Sign Language

The training session focused on teaching ISL (Indian Sign Language). The children actively and happily participated in these sessions, indicating their interest in learning sign language.The therapists gauge the children’s readiness to embark on the learning. The children’s enthusiastic response indicated their strong interest in the upcoming activities.
The core focus of the training session revolved around the education of Indian Sign Language (ISL). Engaged and joyful, the children actively took part in these lessons, showcasing their enthusiasm and determination to acquire sign language skills.Upon the successful completion of the ISL sessions, valuable feedback was collected from the children. Remarkably, it was observed that 80% of the children had effectively acquired proficiency in signing the alphabet from A to Z.

Colour combination and painting

In this engaging session, children with disabilities had the opportunity to discover a world of vibrant color combinations while expressing their boundless creativity through the art of painting. It was evident that the children not only thoroughly enjoyed their time but also reveled in the chance to experiment with a kaleidoscope of colors, giving life to their imagination on A4 canvas sheets.

The fusion of sign language sessions and the delightful painting activity offered the children a holistic and captivating learning adventure. We are thrilled to know that the children actively participated and had a blast during this session.

Arts and craft

In the captivating art and craft workshop, children immersed themselves in the delightful process of crafting a tree from carefully cut pieces of colored paper. Their involvement was nothing short of inspiring, as they eagerly pasted these paper elements to bring the tree to life. This hands-on endeavour served as a platform for the children to not only unleash their creative spirit but also foster the development of their fine motor skills and artistic talents.


instructor teaching sign language

Indian Sign Language

Throughout our Indian Sign Language(ISL) sessions, children enthusiastically and eagerly engaged in learning sign language, showcasing their genuine passion for this unique form of communication.
After the sessions concluded, we gathered feedback from the children, and the results were truly remarkable. An impressive 80% of the young learners had successfully acquired sign language skills for both the alphabet, spanning from A to Z, and numbers, ranging from 1 to 10.

Color combination and painting

During this engaging session, young participants were encouraged to unleash their artistic potential, exploring a myriad of captivating color combinations through the magic of painting. The result? A vivid demonstration of their imaginative talents!
It’s evident that the children revelled in this hands-on experience, relishing the thrill of blending colors and fashioning their unique masterpieces on A4 sheets. Their faces lit up with joy, and their artistic flair shone through in every stroke.
This painting activity, combined with other stimulating endeavors like sign language sessions, collectively fostered a well-rounded and truly enjoyable learning experience for these budding talents. It’s a testament to our commitment to holistic and engaging education, nurturing both creativity and communication skills.

blind-fold game

Blind fold game

The latest addition to our training sessions—is an engaging blindfold game, carefully orchestrated by the trainers.
In this enthralling activity, children are encouraged to embrace the challenge of being blindfolded, diving into the experience with boundless enthusiasm and interest. The blindfold game serves as a testament to the magic of immersive learning. Participants eagerly rely on their other senses and collaborate with their peers to overcome various tasks, resulting in a blend of exhilaration and enlightenment.
At our heart, we believe in crafting educational experiences that are as fun as they are instructive. The innovative approach demonstrates an unwavering commitment to keeping children engaged and intrigued. By curating a diverse array of activities that resonate with their interests and offer unique learning opportunities, we ensure that every child’s educational journey is enriched with both joy and knowledge.

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