As per WHO Therapy and Rehabilitation are defined as a set of interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment.

Therapy in any form can drastically improve an individuals situation. This improvement helps them enhance their interactions and behaviors with others in the family, among friends and with the society. It builds their self confidence and provides them with a positive outlook.

At some point in any individual life, one may require therapy and rehabilitation following an injury, having a disorder, due to developmental delay, due to surgery, disease or illness or even an age related problem. We understand the nuances of giving therapy and with inputs from technical advisors, we have designed various kinds of therapies.

Telerehabilitation/Home based services


We offer high quality therapies through our telerehabilitation program including 2-way real-time visits with audio, video, or both; asynchronous e-visits, virtual check-ins, emote evaluations of recorded videos or images, and telephone assessment and management services.

home therapy

Home based services

We offer home based therapy sessions to children and people and our highly qualified staff have been vaccinated and will visit you at the comfort of your home and help you recuperate. You can be guaranteed of safe and personal care and our sessions will enable caregiver to get a better understanding of your treatment and support in living a enhanced quality of life.


Therapy Services

Early Intervention

For infants and toddlers with developmental delays to help them catch up in their development and get enrolled in pre-education.


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Occupational Therapy

For individuals who have difficulty in performing day to day self-care and work activities to enhance independent functioning and development.the


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For individuals with mobility challenges to help them in reducing pain, restore mobility and flexibility, increase the range of motion of joints, strengthen the muscles and maintain the correct posture of the body.

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Special Education

For children who differ socially, or physically from the average and require modifications of usual school practices.


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Sensory Integration Therapy

For children with sensory integration disorder to enhance sensory processing by exposing them to sensory stimulation in a structured and repetitive manner.


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Music Therapy

For individuals with developmental disorders, severe or light emotional abuse, bipolar, and other serious ailments to help improve various mental and physical symptoms including reducing pain, anxiety, and tension.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

For individuals with social integration difficulties to help them change the behavior through scientific technique concerned with applying empirical approaches.

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Group Therapy

For individuals with communication and socialization skills to help them develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues.

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Speech Therapy

For individuals with communication challenges to provide assessment based treatment by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders.

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Development Milestone Tracker

Every child is unique and so is their development!! Explore our milestone tracker to understand your child's age appropriate development.

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  • I am so happy to see my son Ali sit and talk to us. He was not able to talk or sit by himself. With therapy Ali got head control and GiftAbled provided the magic chair to my son. He loves to sit in it and watch TV and paly with his brothers and sisters. Thank you - says Mohammed Wazid , father of Ali who is auto driver by profession.

    Mohammed Wazid
  • Mohammed Thouqif is our only son among three daughters. He is very intelligent but he cannot stand or walk by himself. He kept asking me appa when will I stand or can I even stand. He used to go to various therapies but nobody said he can stand and then I came across Jeeva maam who said, of course he can experience standing and supported us with standing and sitting chair. I am so happy that I could fulfil his dreams. Now I drop him to school in my auto and we can carry the frame to school too. He is so happy to be standing in his PT class along with his friends. Thank you - says Mohammed thouqif’s father, auto driver at Tiruvallur District

    Mohammed  Thouqif Father
  • My son was not able to respond to our voice, then when we showed to the doctors at age of 6 months, they told us that our child cannot hear. My wife died when our son was six months old, I was shattered left with no family and money, couldn’t afford single day meal. I could not even think of getting a hearing aid for my child and food was more important. I work as laborer in Pune and my sister took care of our son. Thanks to our therapist Nirakar and Sadanand who offered to help my son. I really don’t know how to thank them, there are no words, they gave him hearing aid and thought my sister speech activities. Today he goes to school and speaks to me over the phone. I wanted to end my life, thanks to god, my sister, therapists am where I and my son are today - says Sumit’s father Sudarshan.