We aim to reach 1 million People with Disabilities by the year 2025 by partnering with the Government and like-minded NGOs.

It is through partner NGOs that we reach the rural most corner of our country and provide quality health care to People with Disabilities. We partner with NGOs that have a strong local presence and who understand the local context and culture. Partner NGOs are identified by way of a due diligence process and selected partner NGOs receive end to end support from us in implementing a comprehensive rehabilitation program. We handhold the partner NGO by providing proactive technical support and participate in their organizational development.

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  • I would extended my gratitude to Giftable Foundation for supporting for Hearing Aids to needy children in the community and also follow-up to the children's that is really appreciate things it is going to be very useful to community children's on behalf of all Thank you very much for your support.

    Mr. Raghu Hubbali, Director, Ashadeepa
  • We thank GiftAbled foundation, Bangalore to collaborate with Seva Sangam for our Early Intervention and Early Education program. It has been great help through which we were able to reach out to 170 Children with Disabilities, we can see lot of improvement in children in 6 months of time. GiftAbled supported us through finance, technical resource, equipment and we are grateful to GiftAbled foundation for great help and support rendering towards Children with Disabilities of Kalburgi region

    Father Victor, Director, Seva Sangam
  • GiftAbled organization provides us one of the finest opportunities to work with Children with Disabilities in the tribal region for positive changes in the lives of the children for leading a fuller lives and with dignity.

    Mr. Jagananth Mishra, Director, EKTA
  • Giftabled as an organisation plays a catalytic role of promoting and transforming Education of Children with Disabilities across several states including TamilNadu.  The partnership with GiftAbled for SPASTN was indeed very organic given our shared Vision of fostering Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. SPASTN is indeed delighted and grateful in partnering with GiftAled so that we can serve children with disabilities across 6 blocks in SPASTN’s Community Based Rehabilitation in Tiruvallur District in TamilNadu.

    Ms. L V  Jayshree, Director, SPASTN