Sustainable Developmental Goal (SDG) 2030 pledges ‘to leave no one behind’ and emphasizes education for all; and SGD goal 4.5 states ‘ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations’. Our school rehabilitation program embodies these goals.

We believe inclusive education is thinking about how to be creative to make our schools a place where all children are accepted and can participate. Our school rehabilitation program addresses the barriers to inclusion and provides necessary support in terms of resources, therapy, teacher training and parent training to ensure every need of a child with a disability are met so they strive for equal participation in society.

Did you know?

According to UNESCO report 2019, 75% of children with disabilities in our country don’t attend schools and three fourths of at the age of 5 and one fourth of them between 5 to19 years do not go to any educational institution.

Comprehensive School Rehabilitation Program

Recently, our Government has rolled out the much needed National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to address the gap and in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goal 2030 - ‘to leave no one behind’.
The National Education Policy 2020 brings about a sea change in the approach to providing education to children with disabilities. All school will need to transition from following a segregative approach - where children with disabilities are educated in segregated schools or classrooms toward a system that allows for children to be educated in the same classrooms as their peers.Our school rehabilitation program supports schools to implement the policy.
Our embodiment of the sustainable development goals, coupled with the advent of the National Education Policy, 2020 and with rich insights from our technical advisors; our school rehabilitation program offers end to end solution to school.

360-degree impact model

Children with Disabilities attending school often go to different places for their therapy needs. While this is exhausting for the child, it is also demanding for the families, both physically and financially.

Our school rehabilitation program provides 360-degrees support, right from sensitizing management and teachers about NEP 2020, ensuring universal accessibility in terms of infrastructure and learning resources, periodic health medical health check-ups by an eminent developmental pediatrician, orthopedic, dentist and nutritionist.

GiftAbled’s team of expert therapist offer a wide range of therapy services, from Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy, applied behavioral analysis and sensory integration in schools. Through the program, we help the school set up a resource room to assess every child based on globally accredited standardized functional assessment tools and formulate the individual rehabilitation plan along with teachers and parents. We support them to integrate therapies as activities in the classroom and at home.

Our expert educationist has developed teacher training modules that empower teachers on inclusive teaching strategies to ensure children with disabilities are learning as their peers in the classroom. Through this program, we also empower all teachers to cater to the special education needs of a child with a disability.

The program is incomplete without the support of parents, they are equal partners in this journey. Parents are the only constant in the child’s life and they know their child the best. Our school rehabilitation program also involves parents right from assessment, to goal setting and deciding interventions. Our exclusive parent training programs further empowers parents to become primary educators and therapist for their child.

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  • I am so happy to see my son Ali sit and talk to us. He was not able to talk or sit by himself. With therapy Ali got head control and GiftAbled provided the magic chair to my son. He loves to sit in it and watch TV and paly with his brothers and sisters. Thank you - says Mohammed Wazid , father of Ali who is auto driver by profession.

    Mohammed Wazid
  • Mohammed Thouqif is our only son among three daughters. He is very intelligent but he cannot stand or walk by himself. He kept asking me appa when will I stand or can I even stand. He used to go to various therapies but nobody said he can stand and then I came across Jeeva maam who said, of course he can experience standing and supported us with standing and sitting chair. I am so happy that I could fulfil his dreams. Now I drop him to school in my auto and we can carry the frame to school too. He is so happy to be standing in his PT class along with his friends. Thank you - says Mohammed thouqif’s father, auto driver at Tiruvallur District

    Mohammed  Thouqif Father
  • My son was not able to respond to our voice, then when we showed to the doctors at age of 6 months, they told us that our child cannot hear. My wife died when our son was six months old, I was shattered left with no family and money, couldn’t afford single day meal. I could not even think of getting a hearing aid for my child and food was more important. I work as laborer in Pune and my sister took care of our son. Thanks to our therapist Nirakar and Sadanand who offered to help my son. I really don’t know how to thank them, there are no words, they gave him hearing aid and thought my sister speech activities. Today he goes to school and speaks to me over the phone. I wanted to end my life, thanks to god, my sister, therapists am where I and my son are today - says Sumit’s father Sudarshan.

  • My family and community thought our  daughter is a God’s curse. I was waiting and hoping for some help and luckily I met Swagathika Mishra who came home during a field visit and helped us understand. Despite a lot of restrictions from our family, I believed in her and went for therapy. They helped our child with operation and thought us how to feed the child, exercises and speech therapy activities . Now my child can eat on her own, started to speak few words. I thank my therapist and doctor who have made my belief true and today I tell all the other people in my villages that it is not curse from god, our children can be like others - says Yamuna Gouda mother of Arun Gouda.

    Yamuna Gouda
  • Bhumika is my only granddaughter among my 17 grandsons and I love her to death. We were shattered when we found out that she had a disability, thanks to wonderful therapists and doctor who helped us understand about Bhumika’s difficulties and thought us about therapies. Today  when I see my girl walk and hear her call me “Je je ma” I feel like a proud grandmother and it is best feeling says Bhumika’s grandmother.

    Bhumika ‘s grandmother
  • I would extended my gratitude to Giftable Foundation for supporting for Hearing Aids to needy children in the community and also follow-up to the children's that is really appreciate things it is going to be very useful to community children's on behalf of all Thank you very much for your support.

    Mr. Raghu Hubbali, Director, Ashadeepa