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1. _______ is largest organ of human body ?
2. _______ connective tissue helps in production of blood cells ?
3. Bone is _____ type of tissue ?
4. Give one example of short bone?
5. In front of another structure is called _______ position?
6. What are the different types of bones?
7. HUMERUS bone come under which type of bone.
8. Patela bone seen in which joint
9. Bending of joint is called as
10. If a child cannot stand or sit until the age of 5,has head control and hand movements , what is the level of GMFCS
11. How many pairs of cranial nerves?
12. ________Nerve transmits information to the brain regarding a person’s vision.
13. ________is involved with a person’s hearing and balance.?
14. Full form of GDD
15. At which month child able to take hand to mouth ?
16. Give one example of fine motor activity ?
17. Give one example of gross motor activity ?
18. What is the average weight of the child after delivery?
19. How many area of child development?
20. The _________is the largest part of the brain.
21. Skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle come under ___________ tissue ?
22. Mention any two functions of blood ?
23. What is main treatment goals of cleft lip and cleft palate ?
24. What is Congenital deformity ?
25. CTEV full form ?
26. What is the muscle tension in spastic CP ?
27. Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological disorder caused by a progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development
28 . Mention the types of CP ?
29. If a child dose not follow pointing at age of 2 years dose it signify developmental delay?
30. Dose gesture fall under communication